Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wondering out loud about things.....

Yes I know :-(( it has been a few weeks since I have blogged but life and lifestyle has gotten in the way....

I have been doing some thinking and YES it did hurt.... Lately things around here has been like a 3 ring circus between littleone's daughters getting ready for their weddings next year, the addition of houseboy and now littleone's health problems ( Mine basically I hope are over ).

The weddings:

Basically at this time I am sitting back and watching, listening and being there for littleone when the two daughters go though the trials and tribulations of getting ready for their weddings and in My mind the one up-manship that almost all sisters go through.... So My role at this time is to be there for littleone when the kids say or do something that really drives littleone to the hills and tears. I will take mental notes, be there for driving duties, and getting deals if they are in My power to get and then wait until I have to step in and protect My littleone from really getting hurt AND TRUST Me when I say this, if the wedding arrangements or the kids start/are hurting their Mom then the wedding on O/our side will be cancelled!!

The houseboy:

This was a learning curve on My side. Could a switch that has always leaned on the Dominant side really be a slave/submissive ( what ever title one wishes to use ) to a submissive that truly has never been a Dominant ( in the lifestyle ). Well the mid-terms are in as far as I am concerned and the to Me I would give an A for effort by both the parties. As for the rest well I don't think anyone has failed in their areas, but I do think as the quote goes " You can't teach an old dog new tricks ". Everyone is trying their best, but on each side they aren't happy and this isn't good in My thinking.

littleone's Health:

Here is an area that at this stage is too early to talk about since the tests, results and all that Medicial stuff that has to be done is ahead of littleone. The only thing I know, feel and MUST happen is My support is there, wants to be there, every step of the way. I still haven't understood 100% this thing littleone has, but I do trust her Doctor that has said it isn't cancer ( now I haven't talked to the Doctor directly yet, but in the past this Doctor has shown the wisdom that I do like in My Own Doctors ) so I will step back on the medical side other than driving and sitting with littleone every test, procedure that she has and then I will be there when the Doctor sits downs with US and tells U/us the results and or needed cure.

Do I have all the answers? No Am I going to have all the answers? No, BUT I sure as hell am going to do My best to see that this lifestyle that I and littleone have will remain on track ( sorry littleone, I had to mention O/our trains ) and nothing will derail O/our dreams to live it NO MATTER who tries, directly or indirectly to screw it up !!

Stay tune later the updates.......