Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This is who I am.....

I am who I am and that is it !!!!

I help people, and for most cases it makes Me feel good, in other cases I do it because it is the right thing to do. Other people in the world do it on a daily bases and not because it is their job, but just because they want to.

I seem to hurt some people ( not by choice most of the time ) in helping other people. When I help out I am required to be somewhere or do something else and not with the people I should/want to be with at the same . Sometimes, hell most of the time I wish/want I could be two or more people at the time, sometimes I feel I am two or more people being pulled apart but this is MY problem to get over. I really don't mean to hurt the people I care for but it just comes out that way from time to time, I have tried to change and it just doesn't work :-( I wish I had all the correct answers but I don't and that makes Me very sad.

As the late Walter Cronkite use to say " And that's the way it is "

Take Me for what I am, a helper, a GOS ( Good Old Sir ), someone who tries and helps most of the time with success, some of the time with failures, I don't mean to hurt anyone unless they have hurt Me ( like Renovco the Montreal renovators that screwed up My house did !! )

I know the words " I am sorry " just won't cut it but those are the only ones that I can say and mean it.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Who would have thought.....

Who would have thought that a simple thing like a Q-tip would send littleone around the bend.

Let Me explain, on the weekend I decided that it was time to get out the new box of needles that were sitting in the new needle box around here at the house. littleone has started her vacation although this vacation I think will be a different one from the past 8 of them as she is waiting to hear if she is going to start at a new location at work.

Well it has been awhile for some needle play as well as the fact it had been a busy day so littleone needed time to unwind but on busy days I have found that a good needle session is always good... Normally I once I have placed the needles into littleone's lovely round ass I use a chain or a knife on her to give her a sensation treat, but that evening I didn't have either handy but I noticed some of My Q-tips near by and thought what the hell, WELL you really had to be there to see her reaction to this little cotton swap, I just didn't believe it she went over the moon.

What a lovely treat for the both of U/us that evening....