Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Hint, hint......

That phrase was really more of a challenge from morningstar in her latest blog, and I normally don't back away from challenges and this is NO exception to that rule.

Here is her challenge: " W got some fun presents - one especially meant for both of us (and hopefully W will post pics of it on his blog - hint hint!!! ) " It was/is a shame that she upset the Cold Gods just before Christmas break or she would have found out on Sunday ( that is when the present arrived ) night just how good this present is...... she will have to wait until she is much better health wise.

And before I forget, I wish to thank the couple that gave me this 60th birthday present and I do hope now that I am a Senior Citizen ( the Bank and Governments tell me I am ) I can last long enough to show her how good it REALLY is.

The 1st picture shows the whole flogger, the 2nd picture is a close up of the tips and the final one shows a REAL good close up of the tips ☺

Let the games begin soonnnnnnnnnn........