Saturday, May 17, 2008

No need for expense....

Just a quick blog about toys and the cost of them. You can go out and spend a fortune for great toys and get little reaction from Your sub/slave, then You can go out and spend almost nothing and get the greatest reaction from them, below You will see what I am talking about..

W/we were at a local party favors store getting some wedding supplies for the weddings this summer, so while My littleone was doing her thing I was browsing the store when I spotted something for a lowly price of $3.99 for a drinking tube with a chain for around the neck that is used for shot drinks. Well in a brief test in the store I held the tube and swung the chain part at littleone's arm first and OUCH could be heard, then the ass was next and DAM was heard with a smile on her face. That was it, it was a purchase....

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Train wreck???

What happens when a Master and a slave are too independent.... there could be a train wreck down the line :-(

So what does a Master do to cure this problem? Does he get out all the punishment tools, yell at the slave or just say nothing and keep His feels inside or worse???