Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Last week's report card

Well, on some levels last week with My littleone was a success and on some levels it was a failure.

The good side, littleone got her new car, I learnt how to make an egg MacMuffin well My way knot their way ....

On the failure side, I didn't Dom My littleone like I should have or would have liked to. I wasn't tough enough, demanding enough or played enough with her.

I truly wonder if I ever will be the Dom My littleone wants/needs? Oh I know she says I am doing it right for her, butt I wonder how much happier she would be if a stronger Dom that thinks and acts the way she wants comes along she would be??

I go over in My mind what I haven't done and I think I will learn for the next time, butt when the next time comes around I don't seem to get it correct :=((

Well for now back to the drawing board to see what will happen next time.

Oh, this is a picture of My Egg MacMuffin, nothing MacDonald`s has to worry about..