Sunday, February 15, 2009

St. Valentine's Report

It was a lovely St. Valentine's Day, it was nice to get the above card from My littleone, although it nearly got a different icing as when littleone was icing it I decided to " attack " her from behind, pity W/we didn't place the cake in between her legs since once again she was " repaired " ( she always says she is broken when I get her that way )...

Later on in the day I decided that it had been awhile since the leather thongs had been used and not wishing them to knot to go bad, I told her to get them out and well, you can see by the below picture what happened

After a lovely steak and potatoes dinner I let My littleone think that was it for the evening, butt I fooled her and when down to the dungeon and got out the " Circus and Veggie " whips and brought them back upstair. This was going to be a nice treat since they, like the leather thongs, hadn't been used for awhile. Well it wasn't long before her fairies were guiding her on the path of la-la land.

Now, today she is moving slowly and aching butt I would assume she is enjoying every minute of pain ;-)

Oh, I dropped by The Heron Clan's blog site to read swan's blog of the 14th and smiled seeing there is still old fashioned love in this world.

Well that is My report and I am sticking to it..