Monday, January 26, 2009

A failing weekend...

Well the report card is in and I failed the weekend... First off W/we went to the curling outing for My military association and was it was to be My first assignment since I became an Ensign and My new position, the Garrison photographer, and the camera battery ran out of power :-( the only thing that is going to save My butt is the " old " Garrison photographer was there so he carried on taking the pictures. Oh I also found out that he was promoted to the rank of second in command at the time I becoming a Ensign, and I should have known that, another goof...

The bigger failing grade was with My littleone this weekend. I know she doesn't like change and having to show up at My new digs is a large change for her! Having her over here and without the toys she has become accustomed to was too much for her I think since Sunday was a lost cause. Oh, I tried to use a small strap that I have in My Black bag that I have to use on other subs that wish to play without using My littleone's toys ( a safety thing ), I ordered her over to a chair and to stand and I started in on her ass, nothing really so I changed to My hands and still nothing really, but I did think I would get some reaction in My mind but all I really got was an afternoon of a subbie on the sofa pouting or at least that is the way I read it.

W/we had Chinese food for Saturday's noon lunch and the left overs I thought My littleone would like to take home butt even that failed she left them all and took none home even though I told her to..

I am wondering if that old saying is really true, you can't teach an old dog new tricks for I have tried to please her in the ways of BDSM and I keep failing over and over again. I know she is a good slave/subbie/servant and deserves better, a Master that can handle all her needs not one that continues to fail the grade, I guess I should turn in My " Sir " commission?

Saturday, January 03, 2009

A toy that keeps on giving after the licking

Well who would have thought that a little cute item like the picture above would have My littleone saying and moving OUCH, butt it has :-)

I went to Adam and Gillian's Sensual Whips and Toys website to leave them a word or two about what a lovely product they had in this product to go along with some of their other lovely products they produce that My littleone has purchased over the past year or two butt sadly they don't have a section to leave comments thus I am doing it here.

Over the past 7 years I as well as My littlone have purchased many toys to use and I must say how impressed I am with this toy with the one exception and that is leaving " I was there " mark and I am sadly starting to believe this is never going to happen with littleone.

I am enjoying using this toy very much for a few reasons, one it feels good in My hand, two is can be used from a light swing to a heavy swing ( although I haven't used it at that level, yet ;-) but soon will be ), three it is just a pleasure using it without tiring Me out over a long session.