Saturday, January 03, 2009

A toy that keeps on giving after the licking

Well who would have thought that a little cute item like the picture above would have My littleone saying and moving OUCH, butt it has :-)

I went to Adam and Gillian's Sensual Whips and Toys website to leave them a word or two about what a lovely product they had in this product to go along with some of their other lovely products they produce that My littleone has purchased over the past year or two butt sadly they don't have a section to leave comments thus I am doing it here.

Over the past 7 years I as well as My littlone have purchased many toys to use and I must say how impressed I am with this toy with the one exception and that is leaving " I was there " mark and I am sadly starting to believe this is never going to happen with littleone.

I am enjoying using this toy very much for a few reasons, one it feels good in My hand, two is can be used from a light swing to a heavy swing ( although I haven't used it at that level, yet ;-) but soon will be ), three it is just a pleasure using it without tiring Me out over a long session.


anna said...

I love these product reviews. Keep 'em coming, please.

Buffalo said...

It's good that you don't have to wear yourself out.