Friday, December 26, 2008

Well the Holiday Season has started :-(...

For those that celebrate the Holiday Season to the fullest I wish you everything you look forward to.

This year the Hoilday Season was going to be a tough one in My opinion and I was/am correct, I personally don't enjoy celebrating Christmas with the exception seeing the looks and excitement of My two Non-Grandsons ( Non because they are littleone's daughter's kids and since I am knot married to littleone thus I am not Grandfather but rather Non-Grandfather ). littleone loves Christmas but it is getting very hard for her since her family is growing up and their schedules are becoming more and more hectic. This year was the start of this, her girls dropped in to have a Christmas lunch yesterday and then it was off to the other families. This morning littleone sat in her chair after being shaved ( after her 6 week punishment ) and teared up and only after pushing and pushing did I get the reason why. I won't go into detail because I am sure I won't explain perfectly ( maybe she will do it in her blog ) but I will say I was so sad that I couldn't help her at all butt rather sit there and listen to her. Personally I agree with her thinking and maybe it is time to rethink the Christmas Season with the family.

I hate it when I can't help her, for I think/know if I step in and talk to the kids I might/will screw things up more and that wouldn't help littleone out at all.

So, over the years I have become more and more a Grinch, an Ebenezer Scrooge and that way I can't/won't be hurt when things go screwy, but even with those feelings I can't help and hope that littleone's future Christmas' are better than the ones that have made her tear up and become sad.

Oh, you should see the BDSM christmas present littleone got Me ( again I hope she posts the picture on her blog I foolishly forgot My camera at home this visit ) it is wonderful!!


littleone said...

You really DID like it Sir?? !!!

and You were right.. i did post about the present...... not the kids.. am not ready to do that yet - if ever.

thank You for being my Sir !! and being so supportive through it all..

i love You

Your littleone

anna said...

I'm so sorry Christmas brought sadness to your littleone and frustration to you. However, I think you might be wrong about not being able to help her. I suspect you helped her a lot just by listening and being her rock.

Happy holidays to you and your littleone.

selkie said...

oddly, I was rethinking things a lot this Christmas too. Like Your little one, I adore christmas but times change and we have to change with them. I determined that NEXT Christmas I'm really going to think long and hard and try to find some true meaning in the celebration again ... I was fortunate in that all my kids were still here - but I had strong preminitions throughout the season it was the "last time" for many of our traditions ...

and when all is said and done, she is a fortunate girl to have You there, caring for her, looking after her, worrying about her...