Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The cup runith over

Well now I think you have the picture of the title of this blog... It was awhile since I have needled My littleone and I finally got to the pharmacy that W/we found in Chinatown for the needles. Unfortunately I couldn't get the .025 gauge needles and had to settle for .022 a much more flexible needle that I don't really enjoy as the bend a tad too much when I am inserting them into littleone's ass.

On My birthday W/we went down to the F├ętiche Store to redeem the gift certificate that W/we had won from the Knotty International group supper a couple of months ago. I settled on a Bondage DVD and a very nice cupping set. Well I have used it a couple of times with very good success and I thought what would happen if I combined cupping and needling, well I can tell you now it was a GREAT success as the picture shows, sorry I can't film the feelings that littleone was going through but I can tell you she was in subspace for awhile after..

Sorry for the delay in bloging this

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Can you ever say it enough?

Several days ago it was the day for everyone that has a loved one to remember just how lucky they are to have that special someone in their lives.

Can you ever say THANKS enough? NO, and if anyone says different is truly needs to rethink their relationship. Think how lucky you are to have a partner that allows you to enjoy the lifestyle and do thinks like this:

So littleone THANKS

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