Sunday, April 20, 2008

Can summer be far behind??

Well it is springtime in the North, for how long no one can tell, but can summer be too far behind?

As you can see My littleone is out on the patio cleaning up the winter damage. It is so nice to see her outside doing what she loves, her patio, her secret garden something I KNOW she is going to what to have up and running very soon. her meds are over and all that is left is to find out just how much they worked, personally I think they have worked and life around here is going to get back to the old ways I am Master and she is slave and if somehow that isn't to be and the meds didn't work life around here is still going to be I am Master and she is slave!
So, it is sooooooooo nice to see My littleone getting ready for summer and her secret garden :-)