Friday, December 25, 2009

It's that time of year again....

Well, before the computer dies due to lack of power ( I forgot the power at home ) I thought you might enjoy seeing littleone's present to Me....

I hope that all you had a lovely Christmas day, as I did with My loved ones.....

Owner of morningstar

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Farmville, Netbook vs BDSM

OMG, My littlone has become a computer/Farmville geek overnight....

I say this because over the weekend she purchased a lovely little HP Netbook computer and now she is setting it up, no time for BDSM....

her Farmville needs tending, no time BDSM....

Guess what, NOW IT IS TIME FOR BDSM !!!!!!!

Hope her computer won't crash, her farm won't die....

Monday, October 12, 2009

I HATE holidays, words

Well another holiday has come and gone. Words have once again got Me in trouble. I also know these words are going to get Me into trouble too, but this time I have to speak My mind ( if I ever had one ).

I used two word today after this holiday weekend and now both of U/us are unhappy, oh those words were " have to ". Now maybe I should have used another word but I was listing things so I used those words for everything.

Holidays around here are in My opinion are a pain in the ass, oh not for the fun it brings but for the aftermaths. Once the guests/family have left then it is panic mode to get things back into normal status instead of sitting back ( for a few minutes at least ) and enjoying the times goods that have just happened.

Holidays upset the routine of this house and although I can stand it, My littleone has to have everything back in its place instead of spreading things out or letting things good for a couple of days. So what if all the laundry isn't done in a day, or the house is " dirty " for a day or two. Ok, ok I know I am a Male Dom, but which is better in My mind getting in some BDSM fun in or doing the " chores " right that moment?? Hell no, it is get the chores done, and I am now sick of it, GOS ( Good Old Sir ) in the old times would have say go get the chores done, but I am suppose to be changing to a Stricter Dom, well it isn't working either. I get attitude like " have to " ?? well all that does is turn Me off of what I want to do, then who wins NO ONE.

Is there a way to cancel all holidays? unfortunately no, so I really don't know what to do, right now all I know is W/we are both unhappy, she for not getting to fly and Me for not taking her up there :-((

This has to stop because I am F@#$%king tired of feeling the way I am feeling today!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sir's Sunday report

Well normally My littleone writes a Monday report blog on the weekend's events or lack of them, well I thought I would get one out to Y/you before she has a good at it, also I have the pictures to show Y/you and she doesn't.

In a nut shell, the weekend really started off on Thursday instead of Friday as My littleone took O/our oldest Grandson and Myself to see " Walking with the Dinosaurs " and what a show it was. I have been trying to find the correct word to describe it and I still haven't but I would strongly suggest that if you have the change to and you are enjoy seeing " live " shows then go by all means it is worth it in My opinion.

Now moving on to Friday, I decided that W/we should attend the " FetLife " munch that was being held later that evening. It was good to see old friends that W/we hadn't seen or heard from even though the turn out wasn't as many as the hostess had planned on ( just ticks Me off that people say they are going to attend then don't show up ). MsV did a good job in any case.

Saturday, was a lazy day for both of us although I thought it was time for Me to do a bit of BDSM even though littleone's fridge decided to act up and W/we needed to wait for the repairman to show but no time was fixed.. I got out the permanent maker and placed My mark on her. This is the first time I can remember I have done this and it won't be the last time either. I thought it would be nice for her if she had her tits wrapped in leather. It is always nice to see them go purple. After awhile I got up again from My computer reading and got out a small but nice leather flogger and went at her pussy and thighs :-))..

Sunday well it was washing and ironing for her, but with a little fun to think, of a couple of nipple clamps with bells attached placed on her pussy lips. After awhile she was told to get over to the hassack and kneel down and spread her legs open. Once in that position I went at her pussy nice and fast to give her a well deserved orgasm.

The rest of the day until I left was done doing vanilla shopping and talking....

For more details I am sure My littleone will be posting to her blog although she might be a tad late with it as it is her official first day at her new location of work.

Finally I have to make a note to Myself to start shaving that hairy little puss again since it looks as My littleone isn't getting every last hair on it off...

Saturday, August 01, 2009

A delay that was worth it....

So after a few days of delays, the anniversary celebrations have started.... To prove it here are the photos.

The first photo shows the result of a small sample test run of the sjambok that was presented to Me ( photo of it on littleone's blog ). As you can see it was/IS a success!!

The second picture shows the latest and annual Anniversary carving of the year. I am sorry that it isn't a perfect 8 but I do believe it will have to do until I get a better carving knife meant for this sole purpose.

Now, the next event for U/us heading for O/our Annual BDSM Weekend in the Woods next week. I have decided this year to spend the overnights at a local B&B instead of staying on the campsite. I do hope this change will also be a success or it will be back to the camping equipment out of the locker.

All in all, the delay of O/our anniversary was worth the delay even if littleone really wanted to be the romantic subbie ( is this allowed in a subbie ?? ) and have all the celebrations on the day of.

So, 8 years down, how many more... well tune in next year to find out....

Owner of morningstar

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This is who I am.....

I am who I am and that is it !!!!

I help people, and for most cases it makes Me feel good, in other cases I do it because it is the right thing to do. Other people in the world do it on a daily bases and not because it is their job, but just because they want to.

I seem to hurt some people ( not by choice most of the time ) in helping other people. When I help out I am required to be somewhere or do something else and not with the people I should/want to be with at the same . Sometimes, hell most of the time I wish/want I could be two or more people at the time, sometimes I feel I am two or more people being pulled apart but this is MY problem to get over. I really don't mean to hurt the people I care for but it just comes out that way from time to time, I have tried to change and it just doesn't work :-( I wish I had all the correct answers but I don't and that makes Me very sad.

As the late Walter Cronkite use to say " And that's the way it is "

Take Me for what I am, a helper, a GOS ( Good Old Sir ), someone who tries and helps most of the time with success, some of the time with failures, I don't mean to hurt anyone unless they have hurt Me ( like Renovco the Montreal renovators that screwed up My house did !! )

I know the words " I am sorry " just won't cut it but those are the only ones that I can say and mean it.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Who would have thought.....

Who would have thought that a simple thing like a Q-tip would send littleone around the bend.

Let Me explain, on the weekend I decided that it was time to get out the new box of needles that were sitting in the new needle box around here at the house. littleone has started her vacation although this vacation I think will be a different one from the past 8 of them as she is waiting to hear if she is going to start at a new location at work.

Well it has been awhile for some needle play as well as the fact it had been a busy day so littleone needed time to unwind but on busy days I have found that a good needle session is always good... Normally I once I have placed the needles into littleone's lovely round ass I use a chain or a knife on her to give her a sensation treat, but that evening I didn't have either handy but I noticed some of My Q-tips near by and thought what the hell, WELL you really had to be there to see her reaction to this little cotton swap, I just didn't believe it she went over the moon.

What a lovely treat for the both of U/us that evening....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Have I once again, screwed up things?

Have I once again, screwed up things, I think so, ( NO I KNOW SO )? littleone has stopped blogging something she has always done and loved on a daily basis.

Over the weekend I said something to her and as usual I said it incorrectly, even though what I said needed to be said in My foolish mind. If that wasn't enough I sent her an email saying that I think there should be no more vanilla things or two houses done anymore.

Was My timing wrong HELL yes, ( she is still having flu problems ) was what I said wrong no as I have noticed more and more how upset ( My word not hers ) she was getting with dealing with these and other subjects.

I was telling a client today ( that had noticed I was very short tempered ) that everyone wants Me yet if I say no when I am overloaded they get upset when I am not there. I told her that I was between a rock and a hard place and I wasn't keeping ANYONE happy especially Me. If I drop out they will be pissed, if I stay I am going to angrier and they will get pissed too.

Honestly, I just don't know what the hell to do. I know I am not giving littleone what she wants/needs/deserves and I honestly don't know at this stage if I ever can. It isn't her fault in anyway but Mine, but I know she will blame herself and nothing I do/say will change her thinking ( there is that rock again ).

As her youngest is always saying " Sucks to be you ", what I am thinking is where is Clarence from the movie " It's a Wonderful Life " ? As I am feeling more and more like George Bailey. I have/am screwing up more things than I am fixing.

I know what I have said will make her cry, sick to her stomach and few other things, but this is what going around in My brains that is full of rocks.

Everyone seems to think I have all the answers, well this time I haven't got any and the ones I do have no one is going to like...

Saturday, May 02, 2009

My subbie has a new slave...

My subbie using her her slave a Nikon D60...

More to cum in her blogs I am sure :-) Since every move I or the cats do is being photographed,,,

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sir's New Toy....

There it is, a Coleman RoadTrip Propane Stove.

Here is what the subbie was really doing if you read her blog on the subject:

Sorry no pictures of the Filet Migon as W/we both eat it all up, butt boy was it GOOD even without green veggies...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Something littleone said today...

This evening I have invited a friend over to MY house and not to littleone's Condo to have a supper with U/us. This friend isn't into the lifestyle but does know that W/we are and accepts U/us for who W/we are and not what W/we practice, but this isn't why I am writing this blog but rather what My littleone said this morning " Don't you want me to make you proud of me "

Well, I know that this evening's dinner of Rack of Lamb, Peach Chessecake will be great and even though I am writing this now ( before supper is served ) I KNOW everything will be perfect and that littleone has done everything correct and honestly even if everything didn't work out it would STILL be perfect to Me.

So, the following image says it all....

ps: she always makes Me proud, even if things don't go the way I want/demand of her.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Last week's report card

Well, on some levels last week with My littleone was a success and on some levels it was a failure.

The good side, littleone got her new car, I learnt how to make an egg MacMuffin well My way knot their way ....

On the failure side, I didn't Dom My littleone like I should have or would have liked to. I wasn't tough enough, demanding enough or played enough with her.

I truly wonder if I ever will be the Dom My littleone wants/needs? Oh I know she says I am doing it right for her, butt I wonder how much happier she would be if a stronger Dom that thinks and acts the way she wants comes along she would be??

I go over in My mind what I haven't done and I think I will learn for the next time, butt when the next time comes around I don't seem to get it correct :=((

Well for now back to the drawing board to see what will happen next time.

Oh, this is a picture of My Egg MacMuffin, nothing MacDonald`s has to worry about..

Sunday, February 15, 2009

St. Valentine's Report

It was a lovely St. Valentine's Day, it was nice to get the above card from My littleone, although it nearly got a different icing as when littleone was icing it I decided to " attack " her from behind, pity W/we didn't place the cake in between her legs since once again she was " repaired " ( she always says she is broken when I get her that way )...

Later on in the day I decided that it had been awhile since the leather thongs had been used and not wishing them to knot to go bad, I told her to get them out and well, you can see by the below picture what happened

After a lovely steak and potatoes dinner I let My littleone think that was it for the evening, butt I fooled her and when down to the dungeon and got out the " Circus and Veggie " whips and brought them back upstair. This was going to be a nice treat since they, like the leather thongs, hadn't been used for awhile. Well it wasn't long before her fairies were guiding her on the path of la-la land.

Now, today she is moving slowly and aching butt I would assume she is enjoying every minute of pain ;-)

Oh, I dropped by The Heron Clan's blog site to read swan's blog of the 14th and smiled seeing there is still old fashioned love in this world.

Well that is My report and I am sticking to it..

Monday, January 26, 2009

A failing weekend...

Well the report card is in and I failed the weekend... First off W/we went to the curling outing for My military association and was it was to be My first assignment since I became an Ensign and My new position, the Garrison photographer, and the camera battery ran out of power :-( the only thing that is going to save My butt is the " old " Garrison photographer was there so he carried on taking the pictures. Oh I also found out that he was promoted to the rank of second in command at the time I becoming a Ensign, and I should have known that, another goof...

The bigger failing grade was with My littleone this weekend. I know she doesn't like change and having to show up at My new digs is a large change for her! Having her over here and without the toys she has become accustomed to was too much for her I think since Sunday was a lost cause. Oh, I tried to use a small strap that I have in My Black bag that I have to use on other subs that wish to play without using My littleone's toys ( a safety thing ), I ordered her over to a chair and to stand and I started in on her ass, nothing really so I changed to My hands and still nothing really, but I did think I would get some reaction in My mind but all I really got was an afternoon of a subbie on the sofa pouting or at least that is the way I read it.

W/we had Chinese food for Saturday's noon lunch and the left overs I thought My littleone would like to take home butt even that failed she left them all and took none home even though I told her to..

I am wondering if that old saying is really true, you can't teach an old dog new tricks for I have tried to please her in the ways of BDSM and I keep failing over and over again. I know she is a good slave/subbie/servant and deserves better, a Master that can handle all her needs not one that continues to fail the grade, I guess I should turn in My " Sir " commission?

Saturday, January 03, 2009

A toy that keeps on giving after the licking

Well who would have thought that a little cute item like the picture above would have My littleone saying and moving OUCH, butt it has :-)

I went to Adam and Gillian's Sensual Whips and Toys website to leave them a word or two about what a lovely product they had in this product to go along with some of their other lovely products they produce that My littleone has purchased over the past year or two butt sadly they don't have a section to leave comments thus I am doing it here.

Over the past 7 years I as well as My littlone have purchased many toys to use and I must say how impressed I am with this toy with the one exception and that is leaving " I was there " mark and I am sadly starting to believe this is never going to happen with littleone.

I am enjoying using this toy very much for a few reasons, one it feels good in My hand, two is can be used from a light swing to a heavy swing ( although I haven't used it at that level, yet ;-) but soon will be ), three it is just a pleasure using it without tiring Me out over a long session.