Monday, July 04, 2016

Maybe it is time ????

Maybe it is time to say goodbye to My 40+ years of the BDSM lifestyle???

Over the past week ( and even longer butt off and on ) I have been seriously thinking My time living the BDSM lifestyle is should cum to an end.

Life around here in Kingston and the surrounding cities & BDSM people ( not everyone butt most ) have become very unfriendly ( if knot, downright silent ) towards Me.  The lack of playing or having found a long term or short term players is getting Me down for I can't/won't believe it is ALL My fault or the leaving morningstar caused this either, even if certain people wished me the worse things..

I thought maybe if I moved to a new city/area that might help, but sadly the cost of moving here was greater than I thought it ever would/could and my finances have taken a beaten ( knot a pleasant one, should have not paid morningstar what I did instead of waiting to pay her when the house was sold, like we had agreed on, guess that will pay me for being kind, NEVER AGAIN  ).

So, honestly I really don't know what to do.  I would love to get back to the BDSM world I once loved and miss butt that would pushing Myself of a community that seems doesn't want Me in any way shape of form, if they did they would have touched base with Me something that really hasn't been done since morningstar and I parted ways last year..  I don't feel like having to drive a minimum of 1 hour to get to places that I am welcomed...

 I really don't know......