Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sometimes the good things are never mentioned....

In today's daily journal ( free time allowed for her ) from My littleone she mentions:

" yet some days it feels that the only things You notice are the things i do wrong……… there comes a time that i feel that i only do things wrong.. i forget about some of the good things i do do..."

Well I thought I was doing a good job on that score, but I guess I was wrong and I wish to make things clear: Yes, she does things wrong but as submissives go she is a DAMN GOOD ONE, one that any other Dom/Domme would be happy to have her serve under THEM!

So here and now I am stating that I am most PROUD of My littleone, My chattel, My submissive and I will put her up with any other submissive, anytime....

Saturday, November 25, 2006

How does one????

How does a Dom not " break " His subbie of her spirit?

Now let Me explain or try to that question a bit and yes Cloud I know I am going to get myself in trouble... When a submissive voices verbally or facially her disapproval of something the Dom has done or said the normal reaction is to punish her, but that will cause her to feel upset, pissed off or other emotions that I can't express properly. Here is an example, the other day I moved some BDSM storage furniture around in the same room, but didn't tell My littleone, although she did know I was moving furniture around, when it came time for her to clean up after W/we had played she gave Me hell for moving the storage box without telling her where I had moved it to... Now to be fair I don't live at the Condo 24/7 but rather on weekends only thus she has to live in the Condo the other times and it may not suit her way of living when I am not with her, but does that really matter?

I have always thought ( rightly or wrongly ) that a Dom's wishes, desires, commands and decisions are basically final and unless there is a safety issue the submissive must accept it quietly and without any facial expression comments.

I am afraid if I punish her for these acts of ( what would one call it, defiance?) she will become silent all the time which is something I don't wish....