Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sir's Sunday report

Well normally My littleone writes a Monday report blog on the weekend's events or lack of them, well I thought I would get one out to Y/you before she has a good at it, also I have the pictures to show Y/you and she doesn't.

In a nut shell, the weekend really started off on Thursday instead of Friday as My littleone took O/our oldest Grandson and Myself to see " Walking with the Dinosaurs " and what a show it was. I have been trying to find the correct word to describe it and I still haven't but I would strongly suggest that if you have the change to and you are enjoy seeing " live " shows then go by all means it is worth it in My opinion.

Now moving on to Friday, I decided that W/we should attend the " FetLife " munch that was being held later that evening. It was good to see old friends that W/we hadn't seen or heard from even though the turn out wasn't as many as the hostess had planned on ( just ticks Me off that people say they are going to attend then don't show up ). MsV did a good job in any case.

Saturday, was a lazy day for both of us although I thought it was time for Me to do a bit of BDSM even though littleone's fridge decided to act up and W/we needed to wait for the repairman to show but no time was fixed.. I got out the permanent maker and placed My mark on her. This is the first time I can remember I have done this and it won't be the last time either. I thought it would be nice for her if she had her tits wrapped in leather. It is always nice to see them go purple. After awhile I got up again from My computer reading and got out a small but nice leather flogger and went at her pussy and thighs :-))..

Sunday well it was washing and ironing for her, but with a little fun to think, of a couple of nipple clamps with bells attached placed on her pussy lips. After awhile she was told to get over to the hassack and kneel down and spread her legs open. Once in that position I went at her pussy nice and fast to give her a well deserved orgasm.

The rest of the day until I left was done doing vanilla shopping and talking....

For more details I am sure My littleone will be posting to her blog although she might be a tad late with it as it is her official first day at her new location of work.

Finally I have to make a note to Myself to start shaving that hairy little puss again since it looks as My littleone isn't getting every last hair on it off...

Saturday, August 01, 2009

A delay that was worth it....

So after a few days of delays, the anniversary celebrations have started.... To prove it here are the photos.

The first photo shows the result of a small sample test run of the sjambok that was presented to Me ( photo of it on littleone's blog ). As you can see it was/IS a success!!

The second picture shows the latest and annual Anniversary carving of the year. I am sorry that it isn't a perfect 8 but I do believe it will have to do until I get a better carving knife meant for this sole purpose.

Now, the next event for U/us heading for O/our Annual BDSM Weekend in the Woods next week. I have decided this year to spend the overnights at a local B&B instead of staying on the campsite. I do hope this change will also be a success or it will be back to the camping equipment out of the locker.

All in all, the delay of O/our anniversary was worth the delay even if littleone really wanted to be the romantic subbie ( is this allowed in a subbie ?? ) and have all the celebrations on the day of.

So, 8 years down, how many more... well tune in next year to find out....

Owner of morningstar