Sunday, April 30, 2006

Doms Are from Mars, subbies Are from Venus*

I have often wondered why God gave U/us emotions, they only get U/us into troubles that W/we truly didn't ask for sometimes..

Over the past weekend ( and longer too ) My subbie, littleone, has been troubled, mostly in My opinion by her own emotions. By thinking that I am up to something, getting another submissive, tired of her, disappointed in her, etc.. and I am going to release her. her mind is playing a mind fuck on her better than I ever could ( pity I am missing all that fun ) and no matter what I say or do she is acting like it is true...

Well, she just might get her wish for I can't take many more emotional outbursts that the one I was dealing with today ( totally moody ), even though I have & gladly wanted to put in a great deal of time, money and emotions in this relationship of Sir/submissive I am getting to the end of the My rope trying to deal with her emotions and how to deal with them.

I know I haven't been able to D/s her the way she wants fully. Maybe I am not the correct Dom for her and I am just fooling Myself that I am. Just maybe I should release her so she can find the correct Dom that will beat her ass every hour of the day and night, a Dom that can support her financially, mentally and most importantly emotionally.

I honestly don't know what to do anymore, I have told her, talked to others in the lifestyle about this and sadly, very sadly I just don't know anymore.....

* Sorry Dr. J. Grey, author of " Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus ", for stealing your title for My title.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

So, the cunt is horny huh???

Well first things first, I have just been to see the Doctor for the follow-up appointment for my past surgery and have been a clean bill of health today although the Doctor tells Me that everything should take about 6 months to fully heal, but as it stands now he is very happy with what he saw and touched ( sorry littleone he was first in line ).....

Now as for My littleone's cunt needs, when she gets home from work she will have an email task from Me.... In part this is what she has to do:

Once you have read all your emails you will get your special toy and fuck your cunt until you cum....... then you can get on with things around the house, until the next hour then you will do it this again and EVERY HOUR until you have your bath.... then you will do it again while you are in bed then you can go to sleep.....

Also, except for the one in bed you WILL text message Me every hour with this text message: Sir, i have fucked my horny cunt and i thank you for allowing me to cum.

This should ( although I don't think so ) make her think twice about saying that her Sir doesn't understand her needs, I understand them more than she really knows. I am knot sorry that people think I am a " GOS " ( Good Old Sir ) because that is Me and even when I have to be a GOS I am a Dom too and somehow I am going to have to drill that into littleone's mind or at best her ass!!

On another point, I want to tell a couple of My BDSM friends ( they know who I am talking about ) that have been having relationship problems that they have My support and help if they need to call on Me for it....

Well, that is all I have to say for now with the exception that I can hardly wait to read littleone's next blog post after she finishes her latest task..

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

" Sir, You just don't get it "

Those are the words My littleone said last weekend and I can't get them out of My head. If she is correct then what is the next step I am going to have to take?

Maybe I am totally wrong in the way I think what having a submissive is?
Maybe I am totally wrong the way I believe My littleone should behave?
Maybe I am totally wrong for wanting things done My way?

I suppose only time is going to tell.......