Wednesday, April 05, 2006

" Sir, You just don't get it "

Those are the words My littleone said last weekend and I can't get them out of My head. If she is correct then what is the next step I am going to have to take?

Maybe I am totally wrong in the way I think what having a submissive is?
Maybe I am totally wrong the way I believe My littleone should behave?
Maybe I am totally wrong for wanting things done My way?

I suppose only time is going to tell.......


anna said...

Maybe you're forgetting that it's all about you and your desires. As long as she doesn't ask for release, then she is agreeing to do things YOUR way. At least that is my take on what submission is all about. So I think you should stop thinking about whether you're wrong or right in how you think she should behave. She has already agreed to behave the way you want her to behave. Problem solved.

RAheretic's swan said...

Without knowing "context" for this conversation snippet, it is difficult to be sure of the footing here, but I know we have tread similar ground. I do believe that there is vocabulary that Masters and slaves simply do not share. Some experiences just do not translate across the divide that separates our world views. A Master is NOT just a slave who happens to be holding the handle end of the whip, and vice versa. We are two very different types of folk, with very different thinking patterns, two different sets of needs, two entirely different experiences. So, when she says, "Sir, you just don't get it," that is first a reality, and likely, an expression of some frustration with that "gap." I find, when I come up against that awareness that the only real resolution is for Master to set the direction. The vocabulary difference cannot be the resolution.


Raheretic said...

When swan tells me that I don't get it, I do try to understand. Sometimes I gain insight from that exercise.
Sometimes I do not. When I stirve to do that, it is because I care for her and I choose to try to understand, and hopefully, to actually come to understand. To whatever degree I come to have "enlightenment" it is because I chose to pursue it. It is abolutely not required that I "get it."

She on the other hand has no choice but to "get" me or at least to acquiesce to and obey my perspective. This may appear out of unequal. It is. It is intentionally so. We both know it. We both need it. We both created this. It is M/s.

I do not know if this is the dream you pursue. I know from my perspective you do not HAVE to get it.

All the best:)


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined.

CLoud said...

perhaps your skill as a listener should come into play and see what she thinks you do not get. It might provide insight for you