Monday, November 14, 2011

Is it time to revoke My licence???

My Dom's license is under serious review for My stupid f@#$king actions and in My mind and other I am sure should be revoked! Soul searching is required this week..

Now, that you are going Huh, morningstar's blog tells the whole story much better that I can ( she is very good with words ). I would like to say though I owe a big THANK YOU to those people ( and they really are more than just people, Angels come to mind ) for coming to morningstar's assistance.

All I can say to morningstar is I am so very sorry for My mistake and the pain ( knot the good type either ) I caused her.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Follow up

I got this from Florida Dom the other day in a comment section of an earlier blog:

Blogger Florida Dom said...

We trust you. Tell us how it went.



well honestly, I don't kiss and tell or in this case hit and tell, butt morningstar did and writes SO much better than I do did so why don't you drop by and read it here.

All I will say is W/we both enjoyed the session ☺

I hope that answers your question FD??