Monday, November 14, 2011

Is it time to revoke My licence???

My Dom's license is under serious review for My stupid f@#$king actions and in My mind and other I am sure should be revoked! Soul searching is required this week..

Now, that you are going Huh, morningstar's blog tells the whole story much better that I can ( she is very good with words ). I would like to say though I owe a big THANK YOU to those people ( and they really are more than just people, Angels come to mind ) for coming to morningstar's assistance.

All I can say to morningstar is I am so very sorry for My mistake and the pain ( knot the good type either ) I caused her.


morningstar said...


First of all - your license as you call it.. should not be revoked... not by me or anyone else...

I don't want to turn this into a blog in length comment - but for the record .. and this NEEDS to be said..

What happened with anonymous and the subsequent fall out off line - created a - i am not even sure what to call it - perhaps a small rift between you and I. (which will probably please her)

Both of us were feeling a little fragile on Saturday... I tried very hard - probably too hard - to show you I was fine.. (it would probably have been a whole lot smarter to just TELL you )

We both should have worked things out BEFORE we went off to the party....

I love you more than words can express... You are human .. You make mistakes.. I make mistakes..

But how we get through them is what makes us stronger as a couple.

If you let this incident upset you to the point of "revoking licenses" then she WINS.. please - for me - don't let her win !!!

Christina said...

Im not s Submissive however Ive got this curiosity - lol I know...curiosity can kill the cat!!

Im probably more Novice than anything ...have been this way for at least 12 years....

Ive read Erotic Surender ..the joys of submission and the Loving Dominant and my feelings on the subject have been dormant until this week when I returned to chatting after a 2 month absence....

Serafina Samadhi said...

It is my understanding that you like us are a more mature couple.

I have been reading Morningstar's blog entries and I can relate to almost everything she says.

You Sir are a lot like my master. . .he is a sweet, kind soul who loves to play.

However people are people, and humans are fallible. The worst thing is inability to admit shortcomings.

I think the primary key to relationships is honesty coupled with integrity.

Thank you, Sir for showing your vulnerability. That is a very Masterful thing to do.