Sunday, October 25, 2009

Farmville, Netbook vs BDSM

OMG, My littlone has become a computer/Farmville geek overnight....

I say this because over the weekend she purchased a lovely little HP Netbook computer and now she is setting it up, no time for BDSM....

her Farmville needs tending, no time BDSM....

Guess what, NOW IT IS TIME FOR BDSM !!!!!!!

Hope her computer won't crash, her farm won't die....

Monday, October 12, 2009

I HATE holidays, words

Well another holiday has come and gone. Words have once again got Me in trouble. I also know these words are going to get Me into trouble too, but this time I have to speak My mind ( if I ever had one ).

I used two word today after this holiday weekend and now both of U/us are unhappy, oh those words were " have to ". Now maybe I should have used another word but I was listing things so I used those words for everything.

Holidays around here are in My opinion are a pain in the ass, oh not for the fun it brings but for the aftermaths. Once the guests/family have left then it is panic mode to get things back into normal status instead of sitting back ( for a few minutes at least ) and enjoying the times goods that have just happened.

Holidays upset the routine of this house and although I can stand it, My littleone has to have everything back in its place instead of spreading things out or letting things good for a couple of days. So what if all the laundry isn't done in a day, or the house is " dirty " for a day or two. Ok, ok I know I am a Male Dom, but which is better in My mind getting in some BDSM fun in or doing the " chores " right that moment?? Hell no, it is get the chores done, and I am now sick of it, GOS ( Good Old Sir ) in the old times would have say go get the chores done, but I am suppose to be changing to a Stricter Dom, well it isn't working either. I get attitude like " have to " ?? well all that does is turn Me off of what I want to do, then who wins NO ONE.

Is there a way to cancel all holidays? unfortunately no, so I really don't know what to do, right now all I know is W/we are both unhappy, she for not getting to fly and Me for not taking her up there :-((

This has to stop because I am F@#$%king tired of feeling the way I am feeling today!!