Saturday, August 01, 2009

A delay that was worth it....

So after a few days of delays, the anniversary celebrations have started.... To prove it here are the photos.

The first photo shows the result of a small sample test run of the sjambok that was presented to Me ( photo of it on littleone's blog ). As you can see it was/IS a success!!

The second picture shows the latest and annual Anniversary carving of the year. I am sorry that it isn't a perfect 8 but I do believe it will have to do until I get a better carving knife meant for this sole purpose.

Now, the next event for U/us heading for O/our Annual BDSM Weekend in the Woods next week. I have decided this year to spend the overnights at a local B&B instead of staying on the campsite. I do hope this change will also be a success or it will be back to the camping equipment out of the locker.

All in all, the delay of O/our anniversary was worth the delay even if littleone really wanted to be the romantic subbie ( is this allowed in a subbie ?? ) and have all the celebrations on the day of.

So, 8 years down, how many more... well tune in next year to find out....

Owner of morningstar


selkie said...

smiles...looks like it was well worth the wait! And its a rule -ALL subbies are romantic, even those of us who deny it!

yeah for the B&B - definitely think it will be far more comfortable. Hoep the weather holds for you guys!

anna said...

Happy anniversary! Hope you have a lovely time at camp.

History Teller said...

Happy anniversary!
Subs are more than welcome to be romantic, I know I was at times. Though I would say it's more showing of dedication perhaps ;)