Saturday, May 03, 2008

Train wreck???

What happens when a Master and a slave are too independent.... there could be a train wreck down the line :-(

So what does a Master do to cure this problem? Does he get out all the punishment tools, yell at the slave or just say nothing and keep His feels inside or worse???


selkie said...

Not sure if You're asking or just talking out loud .. but being a complicated, independent, hate to be dependent and love serving subby like Your beauty - TELL her! We can be idiots and have a VERY hard time accepting our Masters taking care of US when we want to serve THEM ...and don't always realize that we serve them BEST by actually listening and doing what they wish - and sometimes that wish is to nurture and take care of US.


Buffalo said...

My first inclination would be to say nothing; to distance myself. That is the way I usually deal with someone with whom I have a personal relationship.

After having pursued that particular course of action I can tell you it does nothing to solve a problem - unless one considers the disolution of the relationship a viable and desirable solution. That is usually what happens.

You gotta verbalize what you have going on inside you. Don't know that yelling is particularly productive. In confrontational situations I've discovered folks pay a whole lot more attention to a soft voice.

swan said...

I've played the part of caregiver before and I absolutely know how exhausting and stressful it can be. When that effort gets met with "growling" from the one we are trying to care for, it is only natural to feel frustrated and hurt. I'd not presume to offer advice, only some reassurance that healing, health, and wellness will come and restore the balance that you are feeling the loss of. Until then, please take care of yourself -- don't let all the worry and effort drag you down. There are lots of people depending on your strength.

Wishing you all the best,