Friday, December 29, 2006

Birthdays over Holiday time......

Over the years I have come to hate My birthdays, not so much for the fact that I am growing older and My body is starring to fail Me, but rather the fact that most birthday celebrations are combined with Christmas ( won't bore you with My thoughts about Xmas ) presents and parties.

Well this year was starting out the same way even though it wasn't going to be the fault of My subbie, morningstar. A couple of My long time friends called Me up and said they were going to take U/us out to any restaurant of My choice at their expense. Now My littleone had planned on cooking Me a birthday dinner of My favorites, roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, Parisian potatoes ( that was her choice ) veggies and a " special " desert. Personally I had been looking forward to going to a local steakhouse serving Angus beef, but because of location and cost I haven't been here yet, but when this offer came up I was super happy. Regardless to say I was sadden when My littleone wouldn't move her dinner to another day.

Well, I must say by the end of the evening I was happy that she hadn't backed down, she did a WONDERFUL dinner ( and btw she hates the smell of beef ) even those funny little potatoes were great to have, the desert was a bundt cake done with lemon a favor that I adore ( yes I know that is why I am such a sourpuss ). Well done littleone !!

Just before O/our guest arrived morningstar was pushing Me to open a birthday present that she had purchased. I was surprised that she had done that since I thought the dinner was to be My present.. After discussing if I should wait for My guests or to open it right then, it was decided the hell with the guests and get to it.... Well she did it again and surprised Me with a train set ( see pics below ) that I pointed out to her awhile back. Now it is a visit to a couple of hobby shops that I know of that have wonder train things, look out MasterCard it is going to be a hot time with your equipment

Mind you littleone is going to have to worry a bit when I get this train set up, as I am sure she has never thought it can be used for O/our BDSM lifestyle......


Anonymous said...

welllllll .. first off i am sorry You didn't get Your angus steak dinner.. i really didn't know it was THAT important to You :( BUT i am glad You enjoyed the roast beast and trimmings.. BUT i am expecially happy with the train set and Your reaction !!!

now..... what was that about combining it with BDSM?? how??!! when??!! and i thought it was just a new hobby for You... one that wouldn't leave me worrying/stressing (giggling) trust my Sir !!!

morningstar (owned by Warren)

Anonymous said...

Who knew we shared the same birthday??!!! Anddd I love trains too!!!
Is that related to being born on 12/28?? LOL
Happy Birthday Warren! Haven't had time to visit your blog in ages. And a very Happy New Year to you and your subbie too!