Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It hurts now, but I hope no later....

I need to say something to My littleone ( but you can listen in too ), although I haven't finished thinking about what is happening with ME.

On Monday, I sent her along with some others stating that I was taking the next two weeks away from them, no e-mails, no Internet, no phone calls, no contact, although I knew it was going to upset some, hurt some, but especially littleone, but I felt then as I do today it was a smart move.
I know littleone is hurting, lost and beating herself up blaming herself for MY action, but it ISN'T all her fault even though things over the past few weeks have to pushed to the limit it ISN'T ALL HER FAULT!!!!
I need time to think about things, My things, our things. I realize that I am hurting her but if I don't do it now, I might be hurting her worse later, I just wish that I wasn't hurting her now. All I can hope for is she will let Me back in her door, but I sure wouldn't blame her if she didn't..
ps: I don't know why but blogger isn't let Me have new paragraphs