Friday, December 21, 2007

HO, HO, HO... The Christmas spirit has started

Well on most Christmas days I am usually heard while walking around saying BAH HUMBUG and meaning it, but I must say that since I have now found a great way to hang those Christmas cards that W/we have received from O/our friends I might just start going around saying bah humbug instead but with a smile on My face.

littleone, is looking forward to this Xmas season since she got the good word from those medical Santa's and thus is also looking forward to Me giving her Xmas presents the way she likes them, and have I gone over board this season too, but have I told you I don't like Christmas, yet I do love celebrating it with littleone ;-) let's just hope she too will enjoy celebrating with the same passion after seeing what is the hanging from the chains as I will.

Look forward to her up cumming blogs in the near future discussing those presents, ohhhhh I am very, very sure she IS going to blog about them :-))

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