Sunday, January 27, 2008

Who would have thought???

that a little thing purchased at a Dollarstore would could the pain and marks that it did on My littleone, I DID !!!

I was out killing time while My littleone was with her youngest daughter looking for a wedding dress that the youngest needed for this July I dropped into the store and was looking around seeing what I could get to give My littleone after the day's shopping ( she hates shopping btw ) and there in the corner of the store I saw a bunch of rulers hanging there. Normally I would have pasted over them thinking ho hum boring but something drew Me to them and it wasn't the pretty colors but something did. When I arrived to them I noticed the words on the card that was attached to the ruler " Never Breaks " and said to Myself I doubt that with My littleone's ass and how she can break almost all the paddles, canes and others, then I noticed on the ruler itself the word " Xtraflex " so I picked it off the hook and felt that is wasn't the standard HARD plastic ruler but rather a SOFT flexible plastic one.

Well, when W/we got back from the Wedding store ( the one were the youngest got the lovely dress to be used, pssst she is going to look lovely in it ) littleone was complaining that she was broken ( her medical problem ) when she saw the package of clothes pegs ( oh I didn't tell you about them ) that was in the same bag as the ruler from hell so I knew the only thing to do was not to wait until later to use the ruler but rather order her to living room hassock and get those cotton panties down and present her ass for a sampling of the ruler from hell. My God did she yell on the first and every stroke after :-))

So who would have thought it was going to be this good? I did and W/we are so glad I did as the top right picture shows well sort of shows since her ear to ear grin never got photographed.


littleone said...

excuse me Sir !!! i was glad You bought that !*%$%$* ruler?? i was grinning.. i thought it was more grimacing.........

You do love pervertables don't You Sir?? sighhhhhhh

morningstar (owned by Warren)

Anonymous said...

great picture

thanks for posting it

Buffalo said...

You seemed to provide a measured response to her often cheekiness. Good job.