Wednesday, July 30, 2008

After 7 years this is all I get???

This is one of the presents I received today from My littleone on O/our seventh anniversary of becoming a BDSM couple.
It got Me thinking is this all I get after 7 years, a copper Hindu pot? After all the tears ( knot all from a good spanking/flogging or other BDSM things ) that I have had to see and listen to, all the disobedience she has shown, all the stamping of feet and other things too many to mention, THIS is all I get? NO WAY !!!!!

I also get a subbie ( slave, submissive just in case you don't like subbie ) who is there for Me when I need her, when I need a shoulder to lean on, when a laugh is required, when I need a level head but most of all a subbie that is devoted to Me and O/our lifestyle.

In My opinion that is worth more than a copper Hindu pot anytime!!!! Do you think??

Sir to morningstar aka My littleone


littleone said...


i am sorry - i know i have been very trying these past weeks....and i know You struggle to understand my hurt . and my tears..

as i said last night.. i just needed to feel i was still protected...

i am sorry i didn't quite hit the right gift this year :( i really did think a replacement cane would please You Sir..

Your littleone

Sir said...

I guess I didn't make it clear ( knot the writer you are ) is you are the best present...

Owner of morningstar