Saturday, November 01, 2008

I just don't get !!!!

I have been told that I should take more of a Dominate role in My ways and stop being a GOS ( Good Old Sir ) also come up with different ways of doing things. I have also been told that It should be all about Me and that she comes afterwards if that at all.

Well, I just did that, I told her to get down to the dungeon after I had just finished shaving her cunt hair off so I could do what I wanted to do to her that being just to play a bit with her and then make her come.

What did I get for this, a crying, upset subbie :-( A sub that was at My feet ( after I called her over from her chair ) explaining things to a now silent Dom.

I JUST DON'T FUCKING GET IT !!! Oh, she explained it to Me but it really doesn't make any sense to this old Dom, maybe I am just too old for this privilege of being a Dom, maybe I should just bag My bags and let her find the Dom that understands what she wants, needs and the way she wishes to be handled because I just don't get it !!

And I am sorry for that too....



Well I hope that this web address helps

It is true for all bottom/sub women and all Domme/Top women and women of all other kinks. Oh! and vanilla women. It's just true of all women.


littleone said...

there are no words to express my sadness and my disappointment in myself.. i should have known better..


CLoud said...

Well you know change is not easy you are trying to change and so far what I have seen is excellent but there will be bumps on the road unexpected things that now one nows why or how they just happen. Okld habits and ways can sneak back in not knowingly just out of so many years of being done that way.

Upsetting yes , a pain yes but we still have to travel over bumps. Then it will go smooth for a while and then more bumps. That is life vanilla , bdsm not matter who or what you are there are going to be bumps and mis understanding when trying to change.

We learn through bumps they are not really bad things they doo hurt , they do some times cause us to change the road we are on bet we learn how to react to future bumps by experience.

Anonymous said...

I am sad to read that such stress is striking two such wonderful people in their lives...

Please check your email...

Take care.


Steve said...

there is sometimes no pleasing some people!

It'll work out ok I am sure!