Monday, March 29, 2010


Was I that bad a Sir??, if so, I should be shot and be drummed out of the BDSM world for good.


Anonymous said...

How could you make her do what she posted and consider yourself to be a good dominant? How could you sleep around, knowing it would crush her and call yourself a good master?
You were too focused on doing whatever you wanted because you felt entitled to as the dominant and not nearly focused enough on creating a strong relationship.

You took advantage of her submission.

You took advantage of her feelings for you.

Sir said...


Like I stated awhile back, that I wouldn't be airing out the dirty laundry, but what morningstar stated one one occasion about the cleaning of the ropes I did by mistake.

I have never slept around with anyone else while I was with her!

Hisflower said...

dont listen to the judgemental posters...what happened between You and morningstar is Yours... the good and the bad...lots of Doms/Masters do the kind of things that have been shared in the journals- some more so...we all do things that we dont realize hurts someone else at the time..all we can do is learn from it and go on. dont let anyone make You feel less than You are- i have said basically the same to are both good people.... mistakes get made- none of us is better than the other. i know You have friends that have and would tell You the same.
my thoughts are still with both of you..

Anonymous said...

I agree. Don't listen to stuff like that. It's always easy to judge from the outside. I'm sure you both are human beings just like the rest of us. And that you both have been doing the best you could for each other during the years. Breaking up is hard and difficult. But it will pass somehow.