Monday, June 28, 2010


I wonder why people/bloggers leave comments on other blogs and then never seem to go back to check if the person they have left their comments to has answered their comments??


Anonymous said...

How do you know they don't?

I'm the same anonymous that said I'm worried about you on your last post. I came back to check!

I think others likely do too...they just may not leave a comment each time.

Anonymous said...

Never, ever assume.

Sir said...


Yes, I agree they might check back and knot leave a comment, butt was a " Hummm " question.

It also would be bad manners not to answer back if questions where left for them directly and they didn't respond especially after leaving their first remarks.

Oh, and especially since the breakup I NEVER assume anything :-( because I don't wish to be made an ass of ever again.

Thanks for your thoughts..

Blade said...

I think people sometimes just forget, since a comment reply isn't as neatly presented as a new post is.