Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Sad Anniversary

Today would have been O/our 10th Anniversary !!

Sadly, I blew it and forgot to over the last few years of O/our togetherness to connect with morningstar with more than just actions of love, being there when you were hurting, but WITH LOVE!!

I know morningstar isn't or will except these words but I am sorry,

sorry that I didn't show you enough the love that was always in My heart
didn't say enough that I loved you
didn't hold you close enough to Me

Now, I have nothing but loving fond memories of a love that has come and gone, gone, gone.....

Happy Anniversary to a former friend and partner, morningstar, you will be missed :-(

ps: There is no place for comments because I am tired of people telling Me to move on, well I have but I am allowed to have My memories of a lady that I thought would be there for the rest of My life.