Saturday, January 01, 2011


I had a strange feeling ( something rare ) this weekend while we attended the SNOW BALL! New Years Eve Gala at Breathless, when I started up on morningstar's sparkly bod I just couldn't get my act together.

It didn't matter what toy I placed in My hand it just didn't feel right. For some reason the toys that I first started up with just didn't feel right, something I have never felt before and really don't understand why I should have felt that way. Oh, I was as happy as any " Dom/Master/Sir " could be with the thought that a pain slut bottom was going to allow/want/need My limited ability to send her to a place that would make her very happy and content...

Fortunately for both of us, this feeling passed fairly quickly and I do hope that I was able to make sure that morningstar had a good start to 2011.

I am just hoping that I am knot losing my mojo?? Any other Dom/Master/Sir ever had this feeling too?

ps: Happy New Year to all....


morningstar said...

I am sorry you felt that way... and am sorry you feel you might be losing your "mojo" :(

We'll work on it... together.. together we can beat anything ..

OH and in case you have any doubt.. it was a GREAT scene... a GREAT evening

I love you.

Sir said...

Oh I have no doubts about the scene or the evening ☺

It was just a the beginning and it was just a feeling something I never have had before, just thought I would see if anyone else ever had the same thing.

The feeling has gone, but it will be fun working on it together ☺

I too love you....

Buffalo said...

Don't think you need worry that one.

Happy New Year to you.

Anonymous said...

There is no perfection. There are only two human beings who love each other. <3


saffy said...

The first thing that i wanted to comment about on here....... was the fact that You were able to admit there was a problem for You. Some of the people i have known in the past would not have been able to. That makes You tops ahead in my eyes, (for what it is worth).
i think we all have off days, and maybe because there were so many unfamiliar faces about and none of the people that are normally there it put You out of sorts.
However feeling off or not, Your girl still felt brilliant at the end of her play, and i think that should say that You have not lost Your mojo.
that's just my humble opinion though
hugs and light

morningstar said...

saffy - I personally think your analysis is brilliant !! I never thought about all the new people - I know it was making me antsy.

And I wanted to add.. I rather liked your referring to me as "your girl".. yup liked that a lot.. probably cause I am as far away from being a "girl" as one can get... (cheeky grin)

saffy said...

:) i'm glad you took the name in the right way, its one of M.K's more nilla pet names He uses for me , so it kind of came naturally........and i am pushing 46 this year but for Him will always be His little girl.
light and hugs

Anonymous said...

Dealing with the loss of alternative mojo right now. Weird and unsettling.

Good luck to us both