Monday, April 18, 2011

Fed up

Well I need to say this and it isn't any need to respond to what I say.....

I am fed up of being politically correct.

I am fed up of having to fight for things that shouldn't have to be fought for.

I am fed up of always having to be nice.

I am fed up with pleasing everyone.

I am fed up with seniors trying to do something they will never get the hang off. ie: computers

I am fed up knot being able to do things that I should be able to.

I am fed up with life.

I am fed up with Governments that waste tax payers money, but expect me to pay $27,000.00 in taxes for something I haven't sold but they say I have even though they know I haven't.

I am fed up with knot being able to get a hard on because I am scared to try my Viagra again, even though I not longer care if I die or not.

I am fed up with knot being able to the Dom that I should be.

I am fed up with making people cry.

I am fed up with knot being able to clear out my house of all the junk or sell what I can.

I am fed up with worrying about my old age without a pension, because I screwed up when I was younger.

I am fed up knot being able to talk to a Professional about these things.

So now that you have heard me bitch out loud just go on with your life's like I never said anything or had been here.


Buffalo said...

You're packing a lot of weight on your shoulders, my friend. It might be a good idea to go through that bag to see which of those weights can be discarded.

(This isn't a response. Just me musing.)

morningstar said...

I have answered you privately... because I believe my thoughts should be just between you and me.

However I will say this publicly... I love you...... and am more than willing and able to help you work through this......

Your little me

Anonymous said...

perhaps all are fed up with you

Anonymous said...

..Hey anonymous...didn't your mother teach you that if you've got nothing nice to say , don't say anything at all ..
is this any of your business in the first place ??....shoo,go away ......m.

Anonymous said...

oops You put your life out there soo.. its everones business midget dick sorry

Serafina Samadhi said...

I- we have no idea what is going on, but we agree with Morningstar