Saturday, July 23, 2005

subbie's vacations???

This morning while littleone was getting My breakfast W/we were talking about the fact that her journal was over 30 mins late. She pointed out to Me that she was on holidays from work so why should her journal still have to be done by 7:30am since she wasn't working??

My thinking is simple, her journal has nothing to do with her work schedule but rather to O/our lifestyle. Why would she think that a subbie task like a daily journal is based on her work schedule other than I want it before her work day starts and since her work day starts before 8:00am with travelling time taken into consideration??

The only exception in My mind would be if W/we have been out late the night before and then sleep has been limited and I really would like a journal that would have more than just " here is Your journal Sir " or words like that...

So, since this relationship of O/ours is a 24/7 one, then I strongly believe that My chattel better take notice from this point on that the punishment will be enforced 2 smacks on her bare ass for every minute late.

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drakor66 said...

Give to Ceazar what is Ceazar's, what more can be said!