Wednesday, March 13, 2013

When is it time to call it quits???

Over the past few days I have been thinking ( yes, I know a bad thing to do ) about " When does a Dom-Domme/Master-Mistress/Sir-Lady decides to stop being a Dom/Master? " and go back to just being a vanilla person type again, fads away or starts teaching the new generation of BDSM'ers?

When does He/She knows when His/Her body ( ie: health reasons ) gives up, when His/Her frame of mind changes, when He/She has lost the respect and total control of His/Her submissive/slave, when He/She longer can satisfy His/Her submissive/slave or something else that I have forgotten to mention?

If He/She does decide how to leave as a Dom-Domme/Master-Mistress/Sir-Lady with a lot of fanfare, just leave via the backdoor or front door, or just drop of sight & mind never to be heard from again?

What are Y/your views, thoughts about this?


Daedalus said...

I think like a professional athlete a time may come where for reasons of health or satisfaction One must slow down. It may be possible to re-purpose Yourself either with new skills or to take on the role of mentorship.

Anonymous said...

Being new to the scene and being a bit older than the other newbies, I have often wondered if it's really worth it to get involved and make this a permanent lifestyle choice given that I may not be doing this for very long. And my answer always come back as this: I will continue to do what I'm doing until I no longer get the satisfaction and enjoyment from it that I get now. Then I'm going out with a huge retirement party!

Anonymous said...

I would say, one can not change who they are... just the way they express themselves. Just because ones health fails, doesn't stop one from being kinky, just the way one shows it. Perhaps, You need to look into new & more appropriate ways to demonstrate Your needs & desires. As for the dynamic... just like any relationship, changes occur after time, life is always fluctuating ... just keep up with it. Be who You are comfortable being.
Most of all... be happy with who You are & the skills You bring into the life You live, no matter what.

the owlish one said...

I have a femdom friend who is blind and uses a guide dog... she taught me to singletail btw.

I know many folks who play into their golden years so to speak. its all about doing what you love, what makes you happy and what is within your limitations.

Cant swing the 14 ft bullwhip anymore take up needle play..flogging wreks yer shoulder for a week after, take up drumming( different motion)

be creative there are lots of things that are low impact for the dominantwith high yeild results for the bottoms.

and when the time comes to retire, find what makes you happy. Cruise to fiji? or a hammock under a shady tree, or fishing or whatever makes you tick.

it is a lifestyle and sm play is not the only way to go about it.

just a few thoughts from someone who has been around a while.