Sunday, April 01, 2007

Space to let ????

I have just come back to home after spending a lovely weekend with My littleone. W/we got in a bit of needling in on Friday, a good ( in My opinion ) flogging and cropping Saturday afternoon before we headed off to have supper and good conversation with some American friends and local ones too...

The only one thing that got to Me was something littleone said today while I was working on My model trains ( oh, I have told you lately about it and the great work littleone is doing on the scenery ). W/we were in the train room ( formerly the small BDSM playroom and treadmill ) littleone was pointing out that she had trouble getting into the closet that holds all her holiday nic nacks and mostly the treadmill because since the train table been brought in from the den/reading room upstairs ( the room I wanted ) it had forced the treadmill to go across the doors of the closet. I agreed and suggested that I move the shelving units on the wall to the opposite side wall of the room and then the doors and treadmill would be easier to get to, maybe not as good as if the trains weren't there but it was a start. littleone made an off the cuff remark that it wasn't her room anymore and I could do wanted I wanted. That brought back something to Me that littleone had said when I first collared her and that was everything she owned would was and would be Mine. Now, I never really took that statement to action, but I did take it to heart and now I was being told that " Her " rooms weren't hers anymore and in her actions and most likely in her heart too she meant it.

So, now I am feeling like I or at least My trains are no longer wanted by her, but rather unwanted guests in Her condo. I don't wish/want her condo or anything else that is hers ( since she has worked hard to get those things ) but at least in My mind ( and yes, I have made mistakes before by speaking My thoughts ) I should be able to chose any room I wish or want to. Now, since I am known as a GOS I have to say in littleone's defence about the den/reading room it was set up for her late Aunt Olive that she adored and it was the Aunt's whenever She showed up and it is the last remembrances of Her and I honestly didn't mind moving downstairs since I never met littleone's Aunt but from what I have heard I TOO would have adored Aunt Olive.

Well, that is want is on My mind tonight and I am sure it is going to bring tears and sadness to My littleone, but I am always telling her to be honest and don't lie, well I think I should do the same, don't you agree??

ps: Here is the lastest picture of the train layout, remember it is STILL a work in process and things have to be changed and cleaned up so don't look too close ....

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Buffalo said...

Damn! That layout is looking good!

How 'bout some other shots?