Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Confused, of course she can change her mind, BUT??

Now, before anyone jumps on my case, I wish to state this up front: I wish all the best to " m "and that this isn't meant to hurt her in anyway, GOT IT !!!

I hear through the grapevine that " m " is doing things now that we did a long ago in our relationship, but she didn't want them even going as far as saying they were to be placed on her Hard Limit list, yet now she is doing them and is happy about doing them.....

I JUST DON'T GET IT, was it me as a Lover, as Sir, as a person>>> what before was a Hard Limit is now something she loves?????

I just don't get it and maybe I not suppose to, ever in my lifetime :-((


Buffalo said...

As we stumble through life we run across all matter of things we don't understand and we don't get. It falls under "It is what it is."

I do know this, it is time for this break-up to disappear from the public view. It shouldn't have been there to begin with and it has continued long past its' shelf-life.

You're both good people; damned good people. Shit happens.

Blade said...

I really think you need to stop looking backwards and start looking forwards. She blocked you because she is obviously trying to move on with her life, but you keep popping up and interfering with that - regardless if you intend to or not, by making your presence known, that's the effect.

Why are you so worried about what she is, might be, is thinking about, or is going to do? She is not under your collar anymore. She is not yours anymore. You need to set your eyes forward and worry about what YOU are going to be doing. Without M.

Anonymous said...

enough already - LET HER GO. whatever the ins n outs of the breakup, you harping on about it all like you are a) isn't doing you any good b) isn't making you look good either.

you say that this isn't meant to hurt her in any way but i'm not sure that this is the case. Subconsciously, i think you're very angry that she's moved on so successfully - its a slap in the face for you, that she's not sitting around weeping "oh why..". and that's why this makes you look so bad - i know if i was looking for a Dom and i was in your area, and i read your blog, then i wouldn't be considering you on this basis...

put her out of your life. You ended. Enough already. MOVE ON.

Sir said...

@Anonymous, I don't usually answer people that give out advise without leaving their names, but in this case I am going to make exception.

I was taught in BOTH Business and personal life that one needs to find out their mistakes so they can learn from them and DON'T do them ever again, something I am/have been trying to do in this break-up. you wouldn't want to get Dom doing the same mistakes over and over again, now would you Anonymous??

Yes, I am angry, but not for your thinking but rather for other reasons, that I will not discuss out of respect for " m "

@Buffalo, We have talked and you know how I feel, but for everyone else THANKS !!!

@Blade, It isn't just me that keeps " pops up ". If " m " makes a statement about myself or Men in general don't I have the right, ( just like you do ) to comment on it as long as it isn't personal?? and if it IS personal then I think everyone should hear the " other " side of the story good or bad.

Stay turned to a future blog folks..

Cinderelli said...

My Daddy taught me long ago that a submissive's limits change over time. He says the change is a sign of growth in the submissive and that is a positive, even necessary thing. So,even though He respects my limits, and would never go beyond them He pushes, and some things that were hard limits in the past are now either soft limits, or not limits at all. My point is maybe her change in limits is just a sign of her growth and has nothing at all to do with you.

Blade said...

What Anon said should be repeated.

Yes, Warren, you do, in a way, have the 'right' to voice your opinion on someone else's opinion.

HOWEVER, she is not just a random person on the internet. She is your X. There's a fine line between voicing your opinion and making a person feel harassed. If she's blocked you, then it's pretty clear that she has no interest in your opinion, or your "side" or anything to do with you. You need to accept that reality and MOVE ON.

You have been falling apart for weeks now. It's not her job, obligation or duty to help you figure out what you did wrong. But, I tell you what, these personality traits that you've been exhibiting since your breakup probably manifested themselves in other ways during your relationship.

How is a sub/slave supposed to feel confident in you as a leader when you just can't get it together?

Sir said...


I agree with you, but I am NOT going to allow " m " or anyone to " bad mouth " me either whether " m " or others want to hear it or not!!!

Now, as for your last statement, you are correct I AM NOT A GOOD LEADER and "m" has proven that... so I am looking for a cave to hide in so I won't bother " m " or anyone else ever again.

Hope that is what you are looking for..

Blade said...

Not really. Why would I be looking for you to hide yourself away like a leper? Don't you think your reaction to find "a cave to hide in" so you won't bother "anyone else ever again" to be more than a little extreme?

All we're saying is that we think you need to let go of what Morningstar is or might be doing. Everyone knows that there are multiple sides to a breakup, and yes some people will 'take sides'.