Saturday, December 16, 2017

It is ALMOST that time of the year again, Christmas, the season of happiness BAH HUMBUG !!

Now that I have said those two awful words " BAH HUMBUG " and for most people in this world I have just sworn at them and to them I am sorry I have ruined they happiness of the season, but there are other people in this world that Christmas ISN'T a very happy time and some even take their lives with their sadness.

For me, I have said Bah Humbug for years mostly because my birthday is around Christmas and for as long as I can remember ( and it could be wrong ) I was screwed out having a " proper " birthday or Christmas since for the most part they were ALWAYS joined together and I lost out.  I DO feel for those people that have their birthday's on Christmas Day that is even worse as they could end up having to take second place to HIM especially those in very religious families...  Don't get me wrong I LOVE seeing little kids and how they look forward to Santa's visit and I NEVER bring on Scrooge when they are around...  The other day, I read how someone is LOVING her time ONCE again, since I ruined it for her over 15 years and that REALLY hurt me more than one could believe and everyone wonders why I HATE Christmas with thinking and worse SAYING it publicly ( well almost publicly ).

I will say my goodbyes for now as I don't wish to upset anyone else this world anymore than I have, so do celebrate these upcoming holidays the best way you can and enjoy the feelings you get...

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