Saturday, June 25, 2005

subbies shouldn't be allowed to be ill..

See what happens when Dommes allow their subbies to be sick with a bad cold...This was the way the chicken breasts came out looking from the BBQ that I haven't had to use since I allow littleone to do all the cooking. I have forgotten just how to use the BBQ, although I do have another good excuse too, and that is a new and smaller BBQ that W/we purchased just a little while ago than I am use to.

All joking aside, My littleone is ill and it is drving her nuts knot being able to serve her Sir the way she needs to, wants to, has to. I even had to sadly cancel going to Le Château to wish an always late submissive of a nice Dom and seeing an old friend doing "his" again after a long time away from play... But if I had to make a choice betweeen staying at the Condo with My littleone or going to Le Château then is no question in MY mind where I am going to be, AT THE CONDO beside my ailling sub, just as I know she would/has been there for Me....

I do have a questions for the other Doms/Dommes out there when their submissives are sick, do you do stop the D/s lifestyle or do you continue just as normal? You see, My littleone loves/needs her D/s lifestyle, but I don't know if I should continue with it while she is ill. For an example over this weekend, I have wanted to paddle her ass hard both for fun and for maintaining the D/s rules.

W/we have just been invited to a party by a couple that W/we use to hang around with years ago but seem to have gone our different ways in what BDSM 24/7 lifestyle is to each of U/us. The problem is: W/we invited them to O/our swap gathering ( being held the day after their party ) a couples of weeks ago and the deadline for O/our RSVP deadline has past without a word from them. And just to add fuel to this problem My ex's sister has asked U/us to help her move back to the city on the same day as the invitation.... Honestly, at this time I have several thoughts going through this Dom mind of Mine, but I don't like any of them... I think I will just wait until the last min to give O/our answer.

Sir, proud owner of morningstar

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